BUZZ HAYS is the Owner and Studio Chief of the True Image Company. Buzz is one of the leading experts in stereoscopic 3D film development, production, post-production, and education in the motion picture and television industry. As senior vice president of 3D production at Sony Corporation, he played a key role as the 3D expert worldwide, from film production to live-broadcast events to consumer and professional electronics design. Hays founded the award-winning Sony 3D Technology Center, where he oversaw the creative and technical direction of Sony’s 3D efforts on multiple platforms. He was integral to the rollout of Sony 3DTV in 2010 and his contributions in camera design for 3D has led to successful products in the marketplace both for professionals and consumers. Hays has collaborated with the most influential filmmakers and leaders in the film and television industry on the creation of high quality 3D storytelling experiences, and he lectures on the subject of 3D to international audiences. Before joining Sony, Hays was an independent animation and film producer (“Swimming With Sharks”), and served as head of research and development at Lucasfilm THX.

The TRUE IMAGE COMPANY was founded in 2012 as a full-service production, consulting, education and design+research company specializing in stereoscopic 3D, high-resolution and high-frame rate film, television, and technology development. For further information on the services offered by True Image Company, please click on the CONTACT link above.