“The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated” – 3D (apologies to Mark Twain)

With very few exceptions, blogs (including this one) should NEVER be confused with actual journalism. They are opinion – pure and simple. Most of them are rehashes of press releases found on the web or just plain opinions of the ill informed. Not fact, not news.

Note the preponderence of ignorance in these offerings about the obvious demise of 3D at CES 2013 (one is even from an established news publication):

– Extreme Tech 3D TV is Dead http://goo.gl/Uysn8
– Mobile & Apps CES 2013: The Death of 3D http://goo.gl/4uS7c
– CES 2013 Journal: the death of 3D? http://goo.gl/xyxv0

I think I must have gone to a different CES 2013. The one I went to had dozens of CE manufacturers with 3D offerings. SHARP told me that 100% of their televisions are now 3D, PANASONIC has a vast percentage of their products with 3D features and support, SONY, SAMSUNG, LG… need I go on? For those of you who actually went to CES 2013 and paid attention, 3D has reached an important milestone – maturity. You probably noticed that manufacturers aren’t bragging about 3D functionality in their devices as it’s now becoming ubiquitous in all manner of technologies. No reason to brag – just as we don’t draw attention to “now with COLOR!” and “STEREOPHONIC SOUND!” 3D is one of the many features of these advanced devices. This time-honored trend began last year, and the fact that every press event isn’t centered around “3D!” is indicative of absolutely nothing. Worse, some of these bloggers-in-the-know make the ridiculous claim that 4k is replacing 3D without bothering to find out that the technologies are complimentary and get us even closer to reasonable quality autostereo.
These “journalists” clearly need their “news” spoon fed to them as it’s impossible for them to figure it out for themselves. A website and an email address are hardly qualifications for serious opinion and discourse. We’ve plunged to an all time low where everyone’s opinion matters (e.g. YELP, PINTEREST, TWITTER, etc.), when in reality it’s just a bunch of noise and sour grapes that floats to the top of the blogsam and jetsam piles.

Do yourselves a favor and consider ALL “news” about 3D speculation and opinion unless there’s reason to believe otherwise.

My advice? (for what it’s worth) – filter out the noise of the bloggosphere and know that many of us are dedicated to the future of 3D in all its forms until further notice.

3D is NOT dead.